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I have been to Iceland several times, but never with Globus. This is on my wish list, but I really want to make time for it. The long crossing from Denmark and the trip to Iceland on the ring road take so long that the usual three weeks of holiday are far too short.

Last month I was in Iceland, for season II of the outdoor trainer training. After I braved the cold in Sweden with the Arctic edition in February, it is now the turn of the 4x4 edition in Iceland. This time, Globus2 stayed in the parking lot of the campsite. In this blog you will find various pictures and the route we drove.

"Life is like taking pictures, use the negative to bring out the positive"


Let me start with the route. In Iceland you actually only have 1 real main road and that is the 1 also called the ring road. All roads in the interior are off-road and can only be accessed with a 4x4. In winter, almost all internal roads are closed and with good reason.

We slept several nights in a teepee, in a cave or right outside under the stars. A good sleeping bag, a liner and a bivouac bag are of course essential.

In addition to the well-known tourist spots such as Geysir and the Jökulsárlón glacial lake, we also visited many other beautiful places. It really is a fantastic journey where coaching, outdoor life and beautiful nature come together.

The trip could not have been worse as we were able to see the northern lights in no less than three evenings. Now I have seen it several times, but never before have the northern lights moved so fast and we have been so surrounded by them. It was truly magical. I was of course very disappointed that I didn't have my camera with me. However, this trip was about coaching and not photography. Fortunately, today's smartphones can take very acceptable photos.


I don't want to advertise too much here, but if you want to know more about this tour, you can find the information here: For people For those who likes personal growth and likes an intense adventure, this is really a great opportunity!

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