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Globus2 stickers

Globus2 is black, which I think is much nicer than a white refrigerator on wheels like most campers are. The question is whether this is very useful during sunny days. But all black might also be a bit boring. I regularly think about stickering my bus.

I often see buses driving with those standard stickers on them. Stickers with mountains or a large compass. Tastes differ of course, but I personally don't like that. I would prefer something more original. I've been thinking for some time about sticking a self-made photo on the back of the bus. There is even a possible candidate already. I'm curious if you think this is a suitable record.


There are currently two small stickers on Globus2. A moose and a flower of life. The moose of course has everything to do with my beloved Scandinavia. The moose symbolizes that. Almost everyone who has been to Scandinavia with a camper has had one of these taped to their house. However, it was quite a job to find a white version, because of course a black sticker must be placed on all those white refrigerators.

On Globus1 there was a white sticker of a polar bear. Bought at the time in Spitsbergen. If only I had bought two. I love polar bears. I have seen several "pacing things" in the bus; cuddly toys, t-shirts, socks, books. No matter what you think of it, it makes me feel like a polar bear, which sometimes leads to frowning eyebrows from my girlfriend...

"Geometry will lead the soul to truth" Plato

Flower of Life

Since Globus2 went to Norway for a week this year, he also has another sticker on his butt, namely the flower of life. Entire books have been written about this figure. It is an ancient geometric symbol consisting of 19 circles that overlap each other.

The circles symbolize creation. In addition, it represents unity and connection with all life in the universe. It is therefore seen as the blueprint of life. In addition to its spiritual meaning, it has a mathematical basis, such as the golden ratio and all mathematical forms can be found in it. An oh so seemingly simple symbol with a beautiful, profound meaning. Could that be why it might be called sacred geometry?

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